Summer Resort News

20th April 2016

NEW this summer in LES GETS

THE “WIBIT PARK: A NEW CONCEPT IN INFLATABLE WATER FUN, exciting water play “modules”, including slides, a water trampoline… a new fun filled family play innovation!

LES GETS “VINTAGE GOLF CUP”: on 13th August, a unique event inviting golfers and non-golfers to take a step back in time. An introduction for beginners and a scramble competition for experienced golfers are the main competition events. Perfect for anyone who wants to revisit the elegant, glamourous attire of bygone days. Retro dress required!

PERE DELAVAY’S BOTANICAL GARDEN: An interesting and educational sensory journey, a perfect family outing to learn about new plants…

FARM VISIT WITH A MEAL: Guests and hosts share tales of life and work in the mountains whilst savouring soft handmade cheese and delicious charcuterie from Caroline and Noel’s Hérens cattle.

A MOUNTAIN BIKE CHRONO PARK, to measure your time over a downhill mountain bike course and to compare it with those of a World Champion!

GET FIT SOLO OR WITH A PRO… Chose how you want to get fit and achieve your goals…

HISTORIC WOODEN MERRY-GO-ROUND RESTORATION PROJECT: For those interested in traditional heritage; learn about Mechanical Music through the ages at the Mechanical Music Museum with its impressive collection, including the last operational traditional merry-go-round, now requiring restoration. Fund raising has enabled the restoration of this 145 year-old monument…